Our Mission

Awakening Apparel is an environmentally friendly clothing brand. We strive to provide solutions, opportunities and programs for you, our customer, to help increase awareness of the impact of the apparel industry on the planet. 
Our mission is to ensure that every human knows that you can embrace your style and uniqueness while protecting our earth. Our products offer a sexy way to make a positive change and lessen the human footprint on the planet.


Awakening Apparel's Core Values are:





We want to raise human consciousness and awareness in the clothing industry and beyond. Your clothing deeply impacts the planet, from the resources used to the water consumed in manufacture all the way down to the dyes used on your clothing. 
Awakening Apparel provides earth-friendly and sustainable alternatives that allow the human race to live life in a healthy, purposeful and conscious way. 
Earth-Friendly Solutions for a Healthy Planet
Awakening Apparel are world changers in our industry. We invite you to use your purchase power to create lasting, positive change for humanity and the earth. 
Change starts with one and ends with many. 
Together we can create a ripple effect of revolution. Let's work to alter the way the world consumes fashion. Awakening Apparel is committed to providing you with the highest quality fabrics and products. Our store features sexy styles that are organic, chemical-free, sustainable and safe for the whole family - and the planet. 
Giving Back to Nature
Awakening Apparel partners with non-profit groups to give back to the earth. With each purchase, we will work with organizations to plant one tree in the Amazon rainforest.  However, we want to support our customers' favorite causes. If you're interested in seeing Awakening Apparel donate to your favorite non-profit, please contact us here.


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These are images from Haiti While planting trees