Our Mission

Awakening Apparel is an Environmental Friendly Clothing Brand providing Solutions, Opportunities and Programs by merging Awareness with Style and Uniqueness in a Sexy Way to make a Positive Change and Impact on this Planet.

Awakening Apparel's mission is to create Awareness on how the chemicals being used in the Clothing Industry are impacting the Planet and Humanity and to provide alternatives and solutions with a unique sexy style.

Cheap Production and High Profits is not always better Dear Clothing Companies!    
All our Clothing is made in Los Angeles but certainly designed to be global all over the world to empower people with clear intentions and high integrity!



So what Solutions do we provide?

First we are using chemical free Material and always look for sustainability and its impact on the planet. 
Secondly we offer solutions for every individual who want to support and make a positive difference in this world by earning income and wearing the clothes you always wanted, how cool that?
Imagine simply by referring people to wear your favorite brand you are actually getting rewarded for that. 
We simply do that by being an 100% online company replacing the middle man*. From us to you directly and Individuals getting rewarded taking big companies out of the picture its time to empower the individuals.
 We only offer a few local Businesses and who are making a positive impact, such as Yoga and Meditation Studios our product.


(We are disruptors and world changers in this space and we invite you to use your purchase power to invoke lasting and positive change.  )

Awareness is the first step and action is the next.  Be a fellow world changer in this domino effect and know that you are doing good in the world with each purchase.

Change starts with one and ends with many.


We are partnering with a Foundation to give back to the Environment, which each purchase we planting at least 1 Tree in the Amazonian Rainforest while we are looking into more Ethical Programs to support to make a positive change.....we are always looking for more support and ideas, if you have one please reach out to us :)


Look at some of the work our Partner Foundation is doing....

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